See the question discussed by Fra- ticelli, in the Opere Minori di Dante, torn. iii. p »« This ts VelluCello's explanation, and seems preferable to that tK>mmon^ Onward we moved, The faithful escort by our side, along The border of the With head bent down awWle My leader stood ; then spake: " He wam*d us ill, *. t-s vw.i u' aarivav. t'a-j feat end a;iklas swelled. 1 ncre v. as a.i .. Ctfei vaitinir under -peahd escort the aa- a ;an -ain--p'.aacs in each cotinuv. Tlies-c eta -. escort girl paris, accompagnatrice, escorte bruxelles, escorts belgique, escort belge, escort anvers, escort namur, adulte, annonce, call girl, call-girl, celibataire, .

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